2013 Desert Duel (Results)

Best tournament of the year. Enough said. We’ll be back next year, and we hope to see more participation from TOTEX.

Quick recap:

Game 1: 9-16 loss against Bay Area Masters. We were tied through the end of the 3rd and then we got smoked at the end. Only 2 subs..

Game 2: 9-14 loss against Sunset. Great game, but they pulled out at the end. They had 20 people. We had 9…

Game 3: First W against the Great White (from Canada). 10-3 final score. Took a while to get the mojo going. Party time…

Game 4: Another W against St Louis (9-8). Great game, came down to the wire. We ended up 7th in our division. 2 wins and 2 losses. Excellent tourney

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