2013 Spin Lob (Results)

Well, the 2013 Spin Lob Classic was a success! All the teams had a blast in Austin and we are all looking forward to next year’s tournament. We will be working hard to continue improve tournament logistics and competition for next year.

Quick re-cap of TOTEX’s games:

Game 1 against Chicago: We were a little rusty in this game and didn’t quite bring the heat. Needed some time to warmup. Loss by 8 or 9 goals.

Game 2 against Texas A&M: Total sweep by about 20 points.

Game 3 against Sunset: This was by far our best game as we only lost by 1. Minus a few mistakes, TOTEX would have taken this game.

Game 4 against UT: Won by a handful of goals. Texas just go shutdown by us.

Game 5 against Chicago: Much better game this time around. At this point we were worn out though. Only lost by a few goals but still a close game.

6th place overall for TOTEX.

Here is the full set of games/scores: Tournament Results