2013 Mardi Gras Tourney (Results)

The Mardi Gras tournament was a blast. Due to limited attendance on the TOTEX side, we partnered with the Viper Pigeons in order to bring the heat. Unfortunately, the competition was very poor – however, we had such a great time that we didn’t let it keep us down.

Here were the results:

Game 1: LSU – blow out
Game 2: A&M – blow out
Game 3: UT – forfeit – no game due to no-show by UT
Game 4: Jacksonville – forfeit (played UofH + A&M instead) – blowout

We were bummed that we didn’t get to play Jacksonville – only decent team.

Highlights from the tournament:

- The TOTEX fellas drove down in Sam’s car – we are all surprised we made it there and back alive
- We lodged at The Roosevelt in downtown and stayed in the Presendential Suite (rowdy story, ask one of us if interested – the hotel was literally $4,000 per night – got it for $136 – unbelieveable place – had a $215,000 piano in the room)
- Sam won $1,000 playing poker the last night – he also probably got the least amount of sleep (maybe 3 hours the whole weekend) – we were boggled he came out on top
- We were so delirious on the ride home that we were doing bird calls for 5+ minutes to pass the time (who knows)

Overall, great tournament. Hopefully the Tulane folks can bring in some better competition next year. I’m sure we will be back again to take the gold.

On a different note, sign up for the Desert Duel tournament and start saving up now. It is the best tournament all year. Saddle up and bring the heat!

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