2013 Vegas Summer Slam (Results)

Friday night
We met at our hotel and hit the Strip, soon discovering that finding a place to purchase a drink in the Venetian was harder than expected.  All we wanted was a drink.  Seriously, just one drink.  After one bartender took pity on us, we sauntered around the Strip a bit and for some reason ended up at Casino Royale.  If you have aspirations of being a high roller in Vegas, don’t go there.  It’s where dreams come to die.  And where people in jorts come to buy hot dogs to eat while they play $1 roulette (a very complicated game for only the most experienced gamblers).

Game 1: Team Vegas Henderson B- coed team with a wide age range.  We spread the pool out, ran lots of counters and forced them to shoot outside.  We tried to show some restraint but the score was out of hand by half time.  Certain TOTEX players prone to padding their stats were in heaven.  In hindsight, we should have really slowed things down and conserved our strength.  W, 24-3.

Game 2: Scottsdale- youngish masters team with one or two young guys.  With an air temp around 110 and water temps around 85, our counter attack clinic in the first game came back to bite us in the butt.  We were gassed and our fancy snacks from Whole Foods weren’t enough to negate all the bad things we’d done to our bodies over the past 18 hours.  Our opponents had 6 subs to our 1, and over a long game it just became a war of attrition.  Not sure if we’ve played a team that was as uniformly strong and that had almost no skill drop off b/w its starters and subs.  Lots of mustaches too.  We started slow, allowing them to go up 6-4 at half.  We adjusted our defense to account for their primary threats and managed to hold them to only 2 goals in the second half.  We were actually up by one goal near the end of the game but exhaustion was taking its toll and we ended regulation with a tie.  In sudden death one of their starters made a good outside shot and that was that.  L, 8-9 (OT).

Saturday night
We classed ourselves up as much as we can – sporting ensembles ranging from slacks and blazers to Hawaiin shirts and sandals.  Had a great dinner at an Italian place at the Mirage then hit the Strip.  First stop, Harrahs: craps and blackjack; Vegas Bombs with a shady whale; watched a thief get gang tackled, wrestled and cuffed by security.  Despite all that, we found Harrahs a bit too snobbish for our taste and decided to vote with our feet…
…ending up back at Casino Royale.  Where our dream of winning the tournament went to die.  Cheap tables and free drinks kept things lively and by midnight a few people peeled off and called it a night.  Some didn’t.

Game 3: Reno- more traditional masters team with some size but not a good match up against our counter attack.  The effect of limited-to-no sleep manifested itself with delayed reaction times, questionable shot selection and some spectacularly off target misses.  Regardless, youth and lower body fat prevailed and stats were padded.  W, 23-7.

Game 4: Dragon- a multi-generational team from Glendale, CA.  Some of our players were intimidated by the tattoos and surly exteriors of our opponents but we hugged it out and got on with playing.  It ended up being a pretty decent game.  The other team had one of the better players in the tournament but he was just one man, one man that we wisely double teamed the entire game.  Dehydration continued to sink its talons deeper into some of our harder partying players, resulting in even more creative shot selection and even a few shots that didn’t quite make it to the goal.  W, 15-5.

Good Things:
- Nice pool complex, decent desks and very good refs.
- Great team chemistry. No attitudes or egos.
- Good accommodations and food.
- Nobody got shot or shanked at Casino Royale.
- The sports book at the Tropicana- best way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Vegas.

- Having to play extra cautious due to risk of getting rolled.
- Our OT loss on Saturday.  If we just had one more sub…
- As a result of the loss, we didn’t get the opportunity to play two of the other good teams.  This especially stung given that Scottsdale had a bad Sunday.
- Those terrible, terrible 21ish year old girls sitting behind us on our flight home that did not shut for one damn minute the entire flight.  Yes, we get it.  You went to Vegas, drank cocktails and talked to boys.  Nobody on the plane cares. We just want to sleep and heal. SHUT UP!

Shout outs:
- Jon for organizing the hotels and cars and for playing great all weekend.
- Aaron for coming out all the way from PA.  Changes the game to have a good lefty.  Pretty sure he scored 40% of our goals.
- Mike for playing great defense despite a bum shoulder.