2012 Spinlob Classic (Results)

We took the gold at this tournament, but not without a fight.

Our first game was against Austin Water Polo, and we almost got taken to the house. We were down by 4 points in the 3rd and 4th periods. After a quick chat, something like, “fellas, this is ridiculous, we can’t get beat by our Dad’s” we kicked it in strong at the end and pulled out the victory. The Austin guys played really well and we are lucky to have won this one. The trick is, go into every game like you are playing O-club.

The next few games weren’t anything special, especially against the UT guys. The most exciting game was Austin vs. HOPS. They ended up with a shootout and Austin strong armed them. This meant we played Austin in the finals.

We stayed ahead most of the game against Austin in the final game. Probably because of almost getting embarrassed the first game.

TOTEX takes 1st place at 2012 Spinlob Classic!