2012 Desert Duel

Well, we successfully completed our first Duel in the Desert.

Everyone that went had a lot of fun and we are very excited about entering another team next year.
We played 4 games with 2 subs.  Our team was also very short.  Every team probably had an average of 4 inches and 50lbs on us.
If the tournament was for sub 6 feet players, we would have dominated!!

Game 1 – 7am vs Navy.  We were a little shell shocked.  Down 3-2 after 1st quarter, then eventually lost by 10.  It was our first game playing together as a group and it took some time for us to gel.

Game 2 – vs Darkside (San Diego Masters).  This team was 40+ Masters that won 3rd in Worlds last year.  They were very talented and we played a tremendous 3 quarters.  We led by about 2 goals pretty much the entire 3 quarters.  Then in 4th we ran out of gas and they tied us, went ahead, and we lost by 3.  With a full squad – we definitely win this game.

Game 3 – night game vs INTER (Los Alamitos)  this was by far the most fun game, primarily because we won.  but also because it was at night, and there were 20 or so INTER fans cheering against us.  It was back and forth the entire game, and tied after every quarter.  They went up by 1 with a little over a minute left until we ran Trinidad play two times in a row and Bobby scored two consecutive goals. It felt real good to win.

Game 4 – we played BAM (Bay Area Masters) this was the most humbling game.  They thumped us real good.  We lost 16-6 and 10 of their goals came out of set.  He was a monster and when I got stuck guarding him, I felt like 5 year old.

So with that, we gained a TON of perspective.  The most important being that we can play.  We don’t give ourselves enough credit and often think that our team can’t compete with the California teams.  While that might be true with the top seeds like NYAC, O-C Club, Northwood -  every team we played this weekend was beatable when we send our best team with 5 subs.  I do believe that next year we can finish in the top half of 24 teams.

All in all, the weekend was a lot of fun.  It was the first tournament I have participated in where there was not only not one bad team, but not even one bad player.  Everyone could play. You were challenged in every aspect of the game.  Thanks to the guys that went.  The weather was awesome, Tempe was awesome, and walking everywhere was awesome.  Looking forward to doing it again next year.